To Clear Up a Few Things

by Rob Moonites

It’s been some time since I’ve mentioned Vic Zuzu. In fact, the last time I spoke about him I hoped it to be the last. I’ve been quite happy to continue to conduct my business in Second Life and leave Vic to carry on with his. I have not contacted Vic, I have not spoken about Vic and I have not contacted his group members regarding him. In fact, I had all but forgotten about Vic and his “MAKE HIM OVER II” project, that is now apparently MAKE HIM OVER II – V6. That seems like a lot of numbers to me, and considering my name is Rob1977, that’s saying something. Unfortunately, Vic hasn’t forgotten about me, nor has he forgotten about MENStuff. It’s sad really, since his group seems to be doing fine, it’s not quite at MENStuff levels, but his efforts are admirable all the same. Most of the designers in his group also seem to be capable of ignoring Vic’s past. The past that has openly dismissed creator’s rights and that has laughed at DMCAs. The past that has taken original content and reproduced it. The past that has impersonated a Linden to use in his promotional materials and the past that has slandered and attempted to discredit other well respected members of the Second Life community.

It was brought to my attention by a number of designers who had been contacted by Zuzu that Vic is making claims that the MENStuff team are paying bloggers to slander his hunt. Honestly, we don’t have the time for this. We’re managing a group of 12k members as well as conducting our own successful Second Life businesses. Vic, however, does seem to have time to sit around and spread mis-truths regarding our group.

The latest lie was just a step too far and has pushed me into breaking my silence regarding this matter. Vic is now claiming that the original “Make Him Over” group (the one that he took the name and logo from) is in fact a fake and his group “MAKE HIM OVER II” (even though it clearly states “II” after the name) is in fact the original group. He seems to think that the original group was deleted, but if that was the case then surely Vic himself would have taken the group name, but he couldn’t… because the group was never deleted. It was passed over to us when Sam and Tarsis fell out and we recently passed it back to them. Join the group and check the owners if you want to be sure.

Besides the name of the group and the concept, even the logo is a direct copy.Here’s a link to a post Vic made regarding this topic, I’ve also screen capped the post (and have taken an archive) just in case he decides to pull it down.

Vic also continues on in that post to make a lot of other claims such as Ivy and myself using the old Make Him Over blog and Flickr “illegaly”. Just to clarify here, something is illegal when it’s against the law. We didn’t break any laws here so I’ll presume Vic is a little confused as to the meaning of that word. Regardless, Tarsis and Samara gave us the Flickr group and the blog so that we could moderate them as Vic was posting spam on both. We still possess the blog and Flickr group which in addition to the original Make Him Over group (which we since returned) should be a really solid indicator as to who is the “rightful” successor to the original Make Him Over group and hunt.

While many of the content creators in Vic’s group seem prepared to ignore the character of this individual who operates without ethics or scruples, an individual who has shown a blatant disregard for Intellectual Property in the past, I am not prepared to ignore it. I will not support an event that he is part of or that he organises. I am highly disappointed in those who are aware of his actions and support him. I hope that the majority of his supporters are just mis-informed.

If you want to read more about Vic, really, a bit of time spent looking around his “fashion” blog will give you an excellent indicator of the character of this man. I put the word fashion in quotations because I’m unsure that I have ever seen anything resembling a fashion post there, certainly not in the last six months or so. Vic does a great job at assassinating his own character, a much better job than I could ever hope to do in a blog post. He also makes a few attempts at slandering individuals based on their sexuality or stylings.

His blog can be found here: and it will support any claims that I have made in this post. I am not making wild accusations here, this entire post is based on fact and I will stand by that.

I will conclude this post by stating unequivocally that the MENStuff group does not pay bloggers to slander MAKE HIM OVER II or Vic Zuzu. Most people have their own minds and will have come to their own determinations about him and based on those they may have personal policies regarding Vic and his group in place. We do not dictate what any bloggers have to say on Vic, or any other matter.

For more background on Vic, you can also reference my last blog posting on this matter here:

Thank you for reading.